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Antique Afshar 1952

Antique Afshar 1952

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Inventory Number: 1952
Origin: Afshar
Pile: Wool
Design: Center Medallion
Size: 5'7x4'2
Appx. Age: 100 years
Condition: Good
Quality (KPI):175
Signature: None

Afshar rugs are a type of hand-woven carpet or rug that originates from the Afshar tribe in Iran. These rugs are known for their intricate patterns and bold colors, which are created using a variety of techniques such as dyeing and knotting.

Afshar rugs are typically made from high-quality wool, which is dyed using natural dyes derived from plants and minerals. The wool is then woven into intricate patterns using a variety of techniques, including the Turkish knot, Persian knot, and Senneh knot. These techniques give Afshar rugs their distinctive texture and durability.

Afshar rugs are often characterized by geometric patterns and bold, vibrant colors, which give them a unique and eye-catching appearance. They are often used as decorative accents in homes and offices, and are prized for their beauty and craftsmanship.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, Afshar rugs are also highly functional and durable. They are able to withstand heavy foot traffic and are resistant to stains and wear, making them a practical choice for busy homes and commercial spaces.

Overall, Afshar rugs are a beautiful and practical choice for anyone looking to add a touch of elegance and style to their home or office.

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